LU-VE Group receives the Eurovent certificate extension

LU-VE Group is thrilled to announce the prestigious and desired extension of the Eurovent certificate, recognizing the exceptional performance of our products.

The "Eurovent Certified Performance" (ECP) attestation verifies the compliance of products with regard to the performance of:

  • capacity;
  • energy consumption;
  • air quantity;
  • sound levels;
  • construction characteristics.

This success reaffirms our commitment to excellence and high standards in the HVAC&R industry. 

As a reliable global leader, LU-VE Group continues to provide cutting-edge solutions, aiming to meet and exceed industry benchmarks. 

We would like to express our gratitude to our dedicated team for their hard work and ongoing dedication.  

This achievement reflects the collaborative effort and passion that drives the Group towards innovation and customer satisfaction. 

For us, this milestone is a source of great pride and represents a step forward in our mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions in the industry, always maintaining excellent performance and quality. 

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