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"We are always looking for the best solutions for our customers"

LU-VE service is synonymous of reliability and skills: we support you throughout the whole lifecycle of your products.
Parts are on hand when you need them, and our service keeps you working when you need it.

Customer satisfaction first

In this page you will find information about Parts, Service and Warranty-related requests.

A qualified service engineers team is ready to take care of your needs related to:

- Commissioning
- Maintenance and repair
- On site service and technical assistance



Our customer support for all warranty-related requests.

Any warranty related inquiry you may have will be handled as quickly as possible. Filling this form with your request you will help us to manage your request in a timely manner: attach it to your email when contacting us.



Up to date contact information is available in the contact section, for each LU-VE Sales Company.

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