LU-VE Group among "The Most Climate-Conscious Companies 2024"

Uboldo (Varese), 25 January 2024 – For the third year in a row, LU-VE Group is confirmed as one of the "Most Climate-Conscious Companies". The Varese-based multinational, listed on the Euronext Star Milan segment, one of the world's largest operators in the air heat exchanger sector, is numbered among the companies that have most distinguished themselves for their commitment to reducing emissions and environmental impact according to the project by Corriere della Sera, Pianeta 2030 and Statista, a company specialized in market research, ranking and analysis of company data.

Founded in 1985, LU-VE Group is today one of the leading international operators in its field, with 20 plants in 9 countries. It boasts one of the largest R&D laboratories in the sector in Europe and collaborates with about 30 national and international universities and research institutes. Since 2014, making it a pioneer in this field, LU-VE has been manufacturing heat exchangers that use natural refrigerants (CO2, NH3 and propane), solutions that have now become essential for the elimination of greenhouse gases. Since its founding, the company has led the way in the industry to improve energy consumption and optimize machine performance.

"We are proud of this special mention, especially since this is the third consecutive year. In our sector, we have been pioneers in the development of new technologies with reduced environmental impact and we will continue on the path we have traced, aware of the importance of environmental well-being and the needs due to climate transformation" comments Matteo Liberali, President and CEO of LU-VE Group. "In line with these strategic priorities, to contribute to sustainable development, we have outlined a three-year action plan (2023-2025) based on four macro-objectives: climate neutrality, positive impact products, high employee engagement and sustainability integrated into the business plan. We have also set up "Sustainability Ambassadors" involving Group executives and managers, who have been provided with training sessions to create a shared and informed culture on climate change and the latest scientific evidence from the IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change".

The survey, conducted by Statista, started with a sample of about 600 Italian companies and led to the identification and selection of 150 national companies that recorded the greatest reduction in their CO₂ emissions intensity between 2020 and 2022, examining the data in the Sustainability Report (Scope 1 and Scope 2).

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