LU-VE Group: awards for sustainability and workplace safety strategies

Uboldo (Varese, Italy), 16 May 2024 – LU-VE Group, the Varese-based multinational leader in the air heat exchanger sector, listed on the Euronext STAR of the Italian Stock Exchange, continues to stand out for its commitment to sustainability, training, and workplace safety.

For the fourth consecutive year, the company receives the “Sustainability Leader” award. In 2024, LU-VE has been selected to be among the top 240 Italian companies in the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) field, according to research conducted by Statista, which analyzed over 1,500 corporate reports.

Training, sustainability, and employee engagement are at the core of LU-VE Group's strategy. The company has introduced initiatives such as the “Sustainability Ambassadors’ Journey” a global internal training program for which 80 employees from different companies and functions within the Group were selected. This program explores key sustainability topics in depth—including the climate crisis, energy transition, human rights protection, the circular economy, and sustainability communication—creating a multidisciplinary platform for exchange and dialogue among the various companies within the Group on sustainability knowledge and practices.

In addition, the recent awarding of the "Best Practices in Workplace Safety Varese 2023" prize by Confindustria Varese, in agreement with the Italian Labor Unions CGIL, CISL, and UIL, is the latest in a series of recognitions highlighting the company's proactive approach to prevention and the well-being of its employees.

Methods such as "Training Breaks" contribute to promoting a company culture focused on safety and well-being. This approach, introduced and implemented by the company since 2012, was recognized in 2018 as an innovative training methodology by the National Health and Safety Commission of Federmeccanica-Assistal, Fiom-Fim-Uilm, and included in the national guidelines for the metalworking sector. Regarding its employees, the health and safety indices reported by the LU-VE Group showed improved performance in 2023: for example, from 2021 to 2023, the total number of workplace injuries decreased by 38%.

"We are particularly pleased and proud of these recognitions and those we have received over the past few years, such as 'Business Excellence,' 'Felix Industry Award,' 'Companies Most Attentive to Climate,' and 'Green Star Sustainability,' which are tangible testimonies of our commitment and dedication to creating a positive impact both within and outside our facilities," commented Matteo Liberali, Chairman and CEO of LU-VE Group. "Our commitment for the future is to pursue the goal of sustainability and people engagement with ever greater dedication, contributing to the construction of an evolved, better, balanced, and conscious world."

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